Monday, 26 January 2009

365/ day 26

Nothing really special, just me and my girl chilling in the craft room. Me at the desk and she online designing fairies with Tinkerbell. Nothing oficially special, but in fact a really nice, quiet peaceful day. Special in its ordinariness.

photos - days 21-25

I was good at remembering to take my photos this week, getting them uploaded was another matter. Looking back at the week, I would just like to say that Katy's PJs were washed, honest! There will always be loads of photos of her wearing her jammies as she puts them on as soon as she gets home from school. So, Wednesday's word was RED. The ever present tomato ketchup.
Thursday was HANDS. Hers are often found feeding herself, she loves her food.

Friday's word was SWEET. I love that she still snuggles her teddies at night.

Saturday was WATER, so here is Shrek, Katy's pet fish.

And yesterday's word was CROOKED. I was really struggling until I saw how Katy had managed to get herself dressed last night.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

365/ day 20

Today's word prompt was change. There could only be one thing today.

Monday, 19 January 2009

365/ day 19

I dream of the day when this gym habit thingy becomes easy.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

some layouts, no words

365/ day 16-18

Day 16 - these have been giving me great pleasure lately, and now I have a place for them I love seeing all their colours brightening up my room.
Day 17 - my little crafter working on her own scrapbook in my craft room yesterday.
Day 18 - this bowl of lollipops has been in our cupboard for months, it was taking up space and getting in the way. So we took it out and are quickly getting through them, needless to say Katy is very happy to have regular access to treats. She has developed a taste for the cola flavour, to the point of expressing interest in trying the drink now. Oops.
We had a busy Saturday yesterday. Katy's drama club had arranged a trip to see Sleeping Beauty, so she and I went along, and really enjoyed it. One of her teachers was the handsome prince; the kids loved seeing him perform. Katy got a real kick from the panto, so we must make a plan to see one next year.

Friday, 16 January 2009

365/ day 15

The hairbrush that saved our mornings. Seriously. When you have a child with hair like Katy's, a hairbrush that puts and end to tears and arguments in the mornings is a godsend.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

365/day 13 and 14

Scary dolls in Katy's room last night, she face painted all of them then left it on, so now they are permanently stained.
And tonight's rather average shot. She really wasn't tired. Or so she said. I'm struggling at the moment as my point and shoot really needs to be repaired or binned but I don't have a free evening to go to the shop so I'm making do with a seriously iffy zoom and wobbly autofocus. But I will not be defeated.

Monday, 12 January 2009

365/ Day 12

What could be better than a hot chocolate moustache? Katy was supposed to be having a friend to tea tonight but she's not well, so to cheer Katy up I took her to Starbucks - she's developing an expensive hot chocolate habit, that girl of ours!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

365/day 11

Katy and I sent Daddy to the supermarket this afternoon while we went for some fresh air to the local park. Katy recently got a new, rather big bike so we wanted to give it a spin. It was cold but lovely out today, really nice to wrap up and get out.
She's slowly getting the hang of this big beast.

365/ days 9 and 10

I've been drinking lots of this in an effort to warm up - orange and cranberry tea. The mug is a really old one from a book club I was once a member of, I like the sentiment. Below is Saturdays photos - Katy after we'd told her of our holiday plans - to go to Florida in May.

It was really fun telling her, we went to the Disney store to buy park tckets and told her there what we were doing. She was speechless, I think it took her a good 10 minutes to take it all in and believe it was for real. I have made her a countdown calendar so she can see how long she has to wait.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

365/ day 8

A photo taken in daylight!! I had a few minutes waiting at the tennis club for Katy to arrive with a school friend to have her ballet lesson. It was so nice to just sit with the car doors open enjoying the fact that it was 7 degrees, so almost tropical in comparison to what we've been having. I really needed the fresh air too after a week of being indoors.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

365/ day 7

I've found that taking the photos isn't habit yet and consequently many of my pics are taken at the end of the day. Katy was given the giraffe puppet for Christmas and we made it over the holidays. So I took a few photos tonight to include in her thank you letter, she loves giraffes and craft so this was a perfect gift.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

365/day 6

I had a beautiful pink sky tonight but could I capture it? Not at all. We were late for swimming so I had to leave it and get to the pool. So Katy left me Bobby to photograph tonight - he's going to school tomorrow as 'A Special Thing' and he needs a seam stitching before I go to bed. He's dressed in his Scotish regalia in honour of her Dad of course.

First day back went well, and swimming too, although Katy did announce she was 'exhausted' afterwards.
I have a few layouts that I have yet to share.. The first is using Studio Calico goodies, and is Katy patiently waiting for the Disney on ice show back in 2007.

This one is about Covent Garden, we have had a few really good days here in the past year. This is Collage press from Little Red Scrapbook.

More SC supplies here, with a few odds and ends thrown in from my extensive stash.

365/day 5

It's freeezing here! Forecasters are optimistic we'll get up to 1 degree today. London should not be this cold! My day 5 photo was snapped during one of my brief trips outside, the tree looks so sad doesn't it.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


This girl needs to go to bed I think :)

top 8 of 2008

I was challenged to post my top 8 layouts of 2008. It was hard to narrow these down from my favourites which totalled about 15, but these are today's favourites. I would probably choose a diferent set tomorrow.
This is an early photo of me with a nose in my book.
Katy's habit is to twirl her hair when she's tired, she actually does this less now that she used to so I'm glad I caught it.
A couple of very early photos from Katy's 2nd ever day. I think this is from a sketch but I forget now from where.
Our first of many trips to legoland.
Prima goodies here, I loved doing all the cutting for this one.
My scrap desk before I moved to the new room, I actually got a lot done here.
Not much product on this one but I like the result. There was actually a disaster on this page as I had originally used a grid rub on to the right of the photos but it was a horrible mess, wouldn't come off the backing then cracked and stuck everywhere, so I had to cover it with the swirls. I'm glad it happened!
The last one is much more muted in colour than the others, but I like the softness.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

365/day 3

I haven't stepped foot outside the front door today, well apart from dragging the dried remains of our tree outside, so I had to look at the closer environment for today's photo. This orchid had all but died but a colleage persuaded me to wait and lo and behold a few months later it bloomed again. So it sits happily inside my front door. Makes me happy to see it there.

introducing 365 days of photos

Last year I read about this pretty hefty challenge - to take a photo a day for the whole year, and now that I have figured out how to use my phone camera effectively I thought I'd give it a try. I know my chances of getting a photo onto the blog once a day are slim, but if I uploaad in batches every few days I might do better. It seems to me to be a really interesting way to get the little details of life recorded, and will maybe get me off the auto setting on my camera.

So here are my first offerings

Jan 1st and 2nd

Yesterday's was taken at the station on our way into London, Katy enjoyed looking at the tree and catching up with a friend in Trafalgar Square. Here she is trying out her Christmas present.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

We had a lovely Christmas. We're going into London today to see the Christmas Tree in trafalgar Square, so that will wrap Christmas up for us nicely.