Sunday, 28 June 2009

day 6 photos

We went to Epcot today and had booked a lunch with the princesses in the Norway section. Katy really enjoyed this, especially meeting Mary Poppins.

It was wet this day so I didn't get many photos outdoors, but managed to get a couple of the Epcot 'golfball', or Spaceship Earth to use its proper name.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

crafty stuff

I have quite a lot of photos to share this weekend, so I'll start with the crafty stuff. I had a lovely Sunday cropping a couple of weekends ago and got a heap of pages done. I've been enjoying starting on the holiday photos.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

day 4 and 5 photos

On day 4 we were in theory having a rest day. I'm not sure if a full on water park can be considered a rest but it was certainly fun. We went to Typhoon Lagoon, one of the Disney water parks and we all loved it here.
Katy in the lazy river, our favourite part of the park.

We had fun shopping that night at the Premium Outlets, good bargains were to be had.
The next day we went to Hollywood Studios. It was hot!! This photo was taken just as we were leaving, minutes before an enormous storm. As always, Katy was keen to meet characters.
We also watched the HSM show, which she was pulled up to join in with.

More characters.
This was a fun park, we had hoped to return as we only saw about half of it, but the weather got the better of us - gives us more of an excuse to go back!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Day 3 photos

In lieu of anything more interesting to report, here are day 3 photos. It's starting to feel like a long time ago already. This day was the Magic Kingdom.

Our main aim today was for Katy to meet Tinkerbell and the fairies, so while George and she did some rides, I got in line to ensure we were there early. Apparently the queues to see the fairies hit somewhere near 2 hours later in the day, way way beyond our queueing threshold. We waited 20 minutes which was much more like it.

As this day was mainly about rides and shows I don't have many pictures. Katy enjoyed playing in the fountains in fantasyland. It was really hot so it was nice for her to be able to cool off, and for us to sit down for a while.

Here, Katy is standing on Main Street as we were heading out of the park. We had loads of photos taken of the three of us by the park photographers, but they have yet to arrive so will form another post in a few weeks time :)