Sunday, 31 May 2009

Day 2 photos

We started today at 4.30am! Darned body clocks. We went to Chef Mickeys at the Contemporary Hotel for breakfast and had a great time meeting all the characters.

After breakfast we went to the Aniimal Kingdom, which was lovely. Disney really are good at theming all ther parks so well. The photo below is from the Asia section.

And this is Devine, the stilt artist who walks between Africa and Asia.

This is the Tree of Life, it sits in the centre of the park and has I think over a hundered animals carved into its trunk. There is a close up at the top of this post.
We also rode the Kilimajaro Safari, the pictures below are from this ride. You sit in safari jeeps and drive through a safari range, learning about poaching and the difficulties that rangers have in keeping the animals safe.
We met the guy above and a few of his friends in Africa also.

It was a really beautiful park, with lots of atmosphere, a lot of education and some fun rides. And a few charcters too, to keep Katy happy.
We were hot and sticky so enjoyed the pool that evening before dinner.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Holiday Day 1

Here is Katy at Gatwick waiting patiently to get on the plane.

The flight was remarkably easy, Katy had enough electrical gadgets and books to keep her happy and she entered the art contest, winning runner up in the under 10 section. We found the villa in Soouthern Dunes after a straightforward drive and were really happy with it; it worked out perfectly for us, espcially given the weather we were to experience later on.

The entrance to Southern Dunes, and driving around the community.

Inside the villa

Above is the spare bedroom, aka shopping storage area.
Our room, which had an ensuite and walk in closet. There was a huge walmart at the entrance to Southern Dunes and lots of food places locally too, so we were really happy with everything. needless to say this night we were in the sack by 10pm after a long day and with an early start the next morning.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

We're home

.......... from a wonderful trip. I'll be back soon with many more words and pictures.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

we are still here

but completely swamped. Easter was fun, sadly the weather was not great but it was lovely having Shelley and Anton here and being able to get them started on their adventure. Hopefully they have survived their first day's work on the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond!

I cropped last weekend, got a whole album done from my trip to the US in 1991, and these layouts also.

This is a bit of a nothingy post but as people were beginning to wonder if we were OK, I thought I should turn up with something!
Have a happy weekend.