Sunday, 22 February 2009

a week of photos

Monday: An old undergrund sign I pass every day going to work, a bit blurred sadly.
Tuesday: pretty girly shoes

Wednesday: a typical sight after school/work: shoes strewn in the hallway.

Thursday: Nelson's Column (my how I love a 10x zoom)

Friday: pretty windows on a really ugly building

Saturday: bathoom

Sunday: still in the bathroom

I will do better at uploading next week :)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

weekend photos

I managed to delete Saturday's photo by mistake so I'm fessing up -this photo is from Sunday. just me messing with the camera and trying out the fab zoom.
Sunday's photo is a shot of bedtime around here - Katy trying to choose which story she wants. this is after trying to choose which puzzle to do and then whether to do a second puzzle and forfeit one of her stories or have two stories. Agh! It's hard being almost 6!A few photos from tonight. Katy being obliging and smiling for the camera.
And a glimpse into the future, fast forward ten years and the teenager we have to look forward to.
Think she took too long making all those choices and got overtired lol.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday 13th

My photo for today is to remind me to only have one friend for tea at a time. TGIF!
Some people asked about the fox, yes it was just strolling along the pavement at 9 in the morning without a care - we do have loads of foxes around here, so thay can be quite a common sight.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

POTD Feb 12

Another sky shot, grabbed on my way to work today. It was so much easier to pull out the point and shoot!

Doing the POTD has made me think about what I see every day; as I work 5 days I see much of the same stuff every day, and as we're in a town, I have very few beautiful scenic shots to rely on. But having the camera out this morning, and being stuck in traffic most of the way to the office, I decided to look little bits of nature around me. It's amazing what you can find when you're looking and with a good zoom lens to crop out the unsightly lol.

I even saw some wildlife :)

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

POTD Feb 11

I have a new camera, I have a new camera, I have a new camera!!!!! I went and picked up my refund and walked straight out of the shop and into another one opposite. I said to the salesman, 'I have £150 to spend and I want to leave here with a camera' or something very similar and after a play with a few, I left with a new panasonic Lumix camera! I am so happy to finally get it sorted.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Feb 10 photo and some layouts

Today's photo was a real quick shot as we were heading to swimming. But I for once had my DSLR to hand so I managed to get a pretty good sky this evening. For once it wasn't raining or snowing. The good news is that the camera shop has agreed to give me a refund on my point and shoot - I think it's only fair enough after the third fault with the zoom. So tomorrow I may well go and find a replacement, which will make the photo a day much easier to achieve.

Below are my layouts from the Sunday crop. Just about all are using my Studio Calico kit from last month.
This one is a shot of Katy diligently completing her holiday homework while we were in France last summer - she ended up with a lovely book of memories.

Me and the girls in Pennsylvania, 1993. Happy days :)

This one contains shots taken by our own little paparazzo, once again in France last summer. And below is Katy all dressed up for a night out in the campsite bar. I love these Nadiya stamps from Studio Calico, they work like a dream.

Next is Katy's first loose tooth, also using a SC kit with a few embellishments from my supplies.
And lastly is a wacky page which really challenged me. This was a LRS kit which scared me quite a lot. but having cut into the papers I really like how they work with the colours of the photos. Katy managed to pour a glass of red wine over her beautiful white t shirt and cardigan while dancing to a band outside a restaurant in France. She was soaked and cold so I had to run to the ethnic market to find something to cover her up so we could watch the fireworks (it was Bastille Day and we had been enjoying the streetmusic festival). This technicolour dreamcoat was the very expensive solution. She loved it and still does.

With hindsight I now have a huge list of Joseph-inspired titles I wish I'd chosen for this page.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Feb 9th

I went to the coast today for a work meeting. Three hours in the driving rain around the M25 for an hour long meeting and then three hours in the driving rain home again. This was the glorious British weather I enjoyed on the beach today. After the snow and ice last week, we've had constant torrential rain today. Lovely.

Feb 8

I went out to a crop yesterday and this church was across the road, a little slice of Britishness and history. I had a great day cropping, I really enjoy my occasional crop days and it is so worth all the packing hassle before I go. As soon as I get some good light I'll post my LOs.

Feb 7

Just a bit of everyday life from Saturday. Katy's bracelet came in a party bag from a birthday party today. She has so many!

POTD Feb 6th

This is where I spend my days. The office looking very frosty, but clear of snow thank goodness. It's actually seriously warm inside, which makes dressing for work tricky as I have to plan to be warm enough to walk Katy down the school path and cool enough not to expire at my desk.

Friday night saw George and I go out, together, just the two of us. We went to see Slumdog Millionaire. Love love loved it. I got straight onto itunes and bought the soundtrack, which i can't stop singing along to. And of course we have a local interest as the lead actor is a local boy :)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

POTD Feb 4, Feb 5

I sneaked this from someone at work again, gotta love when colleagues bring props. And today's photo is Katy once again in her PJs - straight into them as soon as she made it through the door. I love how her eyes came out out in this one.

POTD Feb 3

We've been waiting for these to open for a while, and they finally have. A little bit of sunshine in the midst of the snow. Another snow day today so Katy and I stayed home. We got a bit cabin fever-ish after a while and headed out for lunch, it was nice to have a day together without too many obligations.

Monday, 2 February 2009

POTD day 33

It could only be one thing today -this is what we woke to. We've had a 'snow day' today and have all been home for most of the day (well I did make it in to work for a few hours but am working from home tomorrow).

Katy of course is loving it.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

365/ day 32

I had to depart from the word today as photo opps were few. Katy and George braved the freezing weather today for a quick bike ride round the park and I caught her as they came back. I was surprised to see her so cheery given how cold it was. It's a typical Katy photo, cheerful and smiley, just as she is almost all of the time.

It's freezing here! It has been snowing tonight, so we're secretly praying for a snow day tomorrow. Katy not so secretly.

POTD catch up

I have been having major camera difficulties this week, and my point and shoot went into the shop yesterday for goodness knows how long. So I'll be lugging the DSLR around with me every day until it's fixed. Which could be tricky, but we'll see how it goes. So the photos. Above is Day 31 -orange. my super warm fluffy scarf knitted by my Mum. It's been really used this week.
Day 30:Country -the best I could do living in London is a shot of some country veggies sitting on the counter at work on Friday. I don't even know who they belonged to.

Day 29: texture - my evening bag close up, still waiting to be put away since Christmas!
Day 28: fast - ironic photo, as fast is the last word to describe my weekday journeys usually.

Day 26: arrow. I was amazed how many of these I saw on a one mile trip on Tuesday.