Thursday, 11 December 2008

a whole month

...has gone by in a flash! Where did that go? Well, first was my birthday. For this day out Katy chose the National Gallery, we spent a nice morning there looking at the paintings. Afterwards we wandered to Covent Garden and did some Christmas shopping. There were some great street performers entertaining the crowds, we really enjoyed one of the shows in particular. Dinner was in Belgo, a fab Belgian restaurant where Katy decided she loved moules. She was also partial to the chocolate ice cream.
After dinner we walked up Regent Street admiring the Christmas lights, Katy was particularly enthralled by the Hamleys windows. Who can blame her when they have life size Barbies there.Then December came and the start of the advent calendar routine. Katy gets out of bed and this is the first thing she does. She then scoots downstairs to open the two she has there too! Check out that morning hair! Brushing this is what we fall out over the most.
One day we saw a rainbow....

and another day we bought and decorated the Christmas tree.

Added to that have been 4 performances (2 drama club Wizard of Oz shows and 2 class Christmas shows) and an open ballet lesson. We are so so ready for the holidays now.