Wednesday, 21 November 2007

busy busy

Time has got away from me again. We've been so so busy lately. Had a marvellous time at the housewarming party last Saturday, not such a great Sunday morning. Katy's suffering with a rotten cold and cough and had Monday off school; she's back in now and getting excited about all the Christmas events, especially the nativity in which we understand she's going to be an angel. Can't wait for that.

I've also managed to remember to take photos of all my scrapping so I'll add a few. The above one is using my Sudio Calico kit, and those below using my little red scrapbook kit.

I have been really enjoying my all too rare crafting time lately, and am hoping for a few hours this weekend.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Katy's been scrapping

Just sharing a couple of Katy's creations. We had a nice afternoon making these, the first she did with some help from me, the one below she did all by herself. Not bad eh?

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Carole (you know who you are) may I present the evidence

Just in case you didn't believe us, 'le camping 2006'
out at the moules place - in the evening (note the bare arms and general dryness)another day on the beach
going to the bar for the evening (flip flops and not a fleece in sight)
And in the positively toasty pool
And furthermore, 'le camping 2005'. An evening in the bar
and an afternoon in the pool
Nice eh?

Sunday, 4 November 2007

halloween and other stuff

A super quick rundown from the past week. Halloween was total madness in our new neighbourhood, Katy had a blast handing out sweets to the trick or treaters that came by. Note to self: buy more next year! We had to bring our pumpkin in after we had given out 50 treats! Not totally impressed with the eggs and flour on the car the next morning though.

Last night was fireworks at Legoland-Katy had the best seat of course, and the fireworks were stunning.

Today was 'magic with Merlette' where Katy got to dress up and magic sweeties from a cauldron. She loved it, and George and I are enjoying the retro sweet collection. Love hearts and double dip anyone?