Thursday, 8 April 2010

at seven

She got a wii from us and her grandparents.
She had to go to school for the first time ever.
She had cake at home on the night of her birthday.

She asked for just a small party this year.
She had eight friends for pottery painting.
She had a giant cupcake and lots of small ones too.

She had a great time!


Carla said...

Happy Birthday to Katy!!! Wow, that is a huge cupcake!!! Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday. 7 is such a big age for alot of little girls.

LJayne said...

LOL at going to school on her birthday. Luke's had that the last couple of years and can't decide if he likes it or not! He has 2 friends in his class with birthdays the same week and they all fell M-F this year. 3 lots of sweeties at home time!