Sunday, 7 February 2010

the cut

After months of hair traumas we finally took a stand! Every morning we would have tears and crossness when we tried to tame Katy's curls into a pony tail, and what with her habit of twisting her hair into knots and pulling them until they broke off, and of cutting out any hairbands that were the least bit tangled, things needed to be sorted. So she decided she wanted a 'propeer' haircut. And this is the result. Now these photos are following a full blow dry this evening and in reality there is a bit more curliness, but it has to be said that the cut seems to have signalled the end of the curls. And I'm not sure how I feel about that if I'm being totally honest. Don't get me wrong, I think she looks lovely, and the mornings have been bliss. But her curls were part of her. And I'm kind of sad to see them go.

But she loves having hair that doesn't hurt her, which I guess is the main thing.

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Carla said...

Oh its such a cute cut!! I think I would agree with you though, sad to see the curls go, but as long as its easier and less painful for Katie, then its the one for her!! My stepdaughter has the nastiest straight thin hair and won't get it cut! She never brushes it, and hates ponytails and its always a mess and so tangly to brush out.